Digitizing your competency improves your team’s quality of care and patient satisfaction.

Employees want to be their best, and you want them to be happy at work. and you want your patients to be happy with their care. Digitizing isn’t just the future of healthcare, it’s how healthcare gets better.

80% of tracking is still done on paper.

These paper-based competencies are stored in binders, spread across departments, managed manually and in disparate systems. This results in error-prone, outdated records increasing the chances that important documents get lost, misplaced and forgotten.

As a result, reporting on your team’s competencies to the Joint Commission, other governing bodies and your leadership is challenging, at best.

Dossier is the digital solution for your entire team.

Dossier gives you a central location that sits on top of your current learning platforms, enhancing your investment by giving you 100% visibility into your full healthcare learning ecosystem. With one dashboard, managers, shift planners and leadership can see updates in real time at the point of care.

  • 99% Elimination of paper records
  • 65% Reduction of administrative time
  • 85% Increased employee satisfaction
  • Less than 3 week implementation

Staff float, shifts change, but with Dossier, skills are tracked across departments in real time.

When your staff floats between departments, that creates competency redundancies on paper. But with Dossier’s skills tracking software, you can pull up anybody’s skills competencies in a nanosecond.

And when there’s a shift change, communication becomes difficult, Dossier steps in to give educators the ability to inform and observe digitally with a simple sign off.

This integrates all your departments by giving complete visibility through your hospital or healthcare system.

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