How Digital Competency Management Benefits Managers and Directors

How Digital Competency Management Benefits Managers and Directors

Authored By:

Geir Arnhoff, CEO of Dossier

Geir Arnhoff


Healthcare organization leaders are under enormous pressure to get their institutions operating in the black. Rising costs, staffing shortages, cybersecurity threats, and growing attrition rates are among their leading challenges. While faced with all this, healthcare workers must maintain an unwavering focus on the quality of care and meet the ever-changing demands of regulatory agencies. As healthcare executives invest in digital transformations to help combat some of these urgent priorities, Dossier’s competency management platform offers departments, facilities, and health systems the opportunity to modernize competency management by moving it to the cloud, which improves efficiencies, eliminates waste and strengthens job satisfaction. Our evidence-based ROI calculator demonstrates more than $1M savings for a 1,000-employee nursing department, which means more nurses seeing patients and significantly more confident staff. 

90% of nurses who participated in a recent HealthITNews survey said they are considering leaving the profession within the next year.

Managers and directors greatly benefit from the transition to cloud-based competency management. Not only does the shift help to combat waste – no more papers, binders, or storage space, but managers and directors gain reassurance in their care teams. The training compliance is up to date and visible at any time, either for a Joint Commission survey or staffing and forecasting purposes.

Get Control of Healthcare Resource Drains

Dossier digitizes competencies to help healthcare organizations better control their resources – time, money, and talent. Immediate benefits include eliminating competency plan redundancies, paper, binders, and storage space.  

It sits on top of learning management systems – providing complete visibility so managers and directors can report on learner progress. In-system reminders allow managers and directors to nudge those falling behind. Having access to this level of data in real-time means leadership can ensure the right team is scheduled for every patient. Why? Because about 20% of what staff need to know is captured in the learning management system. The other 80% of what staff need to know pertains to competence – demonstrating the knowledge, judgment, behaviors and skills – for the roles they perform. 

The outcome: better patient care 

Shifting from Paper to the Cloud

Along with better patient care, the benefits of digital competency management afforded to managers and directors include:

  • A boost in confidence among care team members because they know they are current on training and competencies.
  • Digitizing competencies is key to strategic and operational resource management, retention, utilization, and forecasting.
  • Aligns all learning and development sources for strategic priorities with visibility into progress.
  • Boosts the value of digital learning investments through standardization and increased use.
  • Makes educators and subject matter experts more efficient contributors by enhancing an interface into the full learning and development ecosystem.
  • Increases job satisfaction, confidence and retention among staff.
  • Increases patient safety and quality.
  • With Dossier, you gain the benefit of having one tool to create, assign, update and monitor all competency requirements – be they organizational, departmental or regulatory.
  • Competency plan version control – never have issues again.
  • A competency tracker & management tool that makes it easy to run and deliver reports to regulatory agencies.

"Game Changer!"

What do you like best about Dossier- Digital Competency Management?
Well, first, everything I do now is paper, and this program has taken that paper and almost fully automated it. Secondly, a dedicated team is setting up our facility/department-specific portfolio.

What do you dislike about Dossier- Digital Competency Management?
There is nothing that I dislike about this program/platform so far.

What problems is Dossier- Digital Competency Management solving and how is that benefiting you?
Dossier is giving me the ability to manage competencies in real-time and make them meaningful.

 G2 Dossier Review

Regulatory Reporting Has Never Been Easier

Survey Day can be stressful, and with paper-based competency management, it’s easy to understand why. The amount of time chasing people and papers is inefficient and ineffective. The margin of error is astronomical for paper-based processes, and it’s not hard to understand why. Papers get lost, shoved in bags, left in lockers, passed around, misplaced and taken home. 

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