How Dossier makes your nursing department better.

Digital competency management doesn’t just benefit those who manage the process, it benefits everyone who has competencies to complete and skills to master.

We're helping nurses get back to the bedside.

CNOs can:

  • Feel confident that floating nurses have the skills, knowledge, behaviors and judgment needed
  • Rest assured that the team is always up to date and ready for Audit day

“There are too many benefits to list them all. I just appreciate that my team values the tool as much as leadership does.”

Managers and directors can:

  • Access robust reports in real time
  • Send reminders to those falling behind
  • Always be ready for the Joint Commission

“I can see, in real time, exactly where everyone is with their learning and competencies. It saves me so much time.”

Nurses educators can:

  • Get a clear view of the department’s progress
  • Update everyone’s competencies in real time
  • Spend less time tracking down paperwork

“Dossier is a game changer.”

Nurses can:

  • See competency progress in real time
  • Access clinical learning content and assessments instantly
  • Onboard and transition to practice with ease

“Even though I was new to the team, I felt confident knowing everything that was expected of me.”

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