6 Ways Nurse Educators Benefit from Digital Competency Management

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Geir Arnhoff, CEO of Dossier

Geir Arnhoff


Paper-based competency management is a drain on healthcare organizational resources. Papers get misplaced. Plan updates are time-consuming. Staff, who are already overworked, are taking paperwork home with them to make updates – making their long workdays longer. The waste of valuable resources – time, money, and talent – contributes to the enormous burdens already felt by overworked care teams.

Modern healthcare organizations are undergoing digital transformations, the timing of which is greatly beneficial to those on the front lines of healthcare. While technology holds great promise to improve operational efficiencies, in turn improving staff satisfaction and retention, heavily manual processes need to be taken into consideration and prioritized.

Digitizing Competency Plans Should Not Be Overlooked

Antiquated processes and systems can be viewed as a way of doing business, but in a digital age, it’s important for healthcare executives to understand where resource waste occurs. Currently, managing orientation packets, skills check-offs, and annual mandatories, for example, are paper-based, creating a drain on healthcare organization resources – paper, binders, storage space, and, most important, staff time. Updates are time-consuming and create more waste.

As healthcare organizations assess their digital needs, one area to prioritize is competency management. Digitizing competency plans means record updates can be made at the point of care – making data immediately available. Reports, either for departments or regulatory agencies, can be run in real time with just a few clicks. 

Benefits of Digital Competency Management Software

While the benefits of digitizing competencies extend to healthcare executives and leadership teams, it’s the platform users who benefit the most. Here are six ways nurse educators benefit from shifting from paper-based competency management to digital.

  1. Standardize onboarding with clearly defined roles and expectations
    Great onboarding is well structured and engaging, which drives job satisfaction. With a digital platform, everyone gains visibility and understands what’s expected of them. Defining scope of practice eliminates ambiguity, resulting in more efficient, productive, and effective training.
  2. Empower those onboarding to own their part of the process
    Nurse educators and those onboarding see – in real time – the progress being made and understand what’s needed from them. This dramatically reduces the time nurse educators spend managing and monitoring progress.
  3. More time for training and patients
    No more chasing paper or binders. Eliminating the paper chase means more time for training, patients, and self-care.
  4. Real-time reports
    Whether reports are needed to manage the onboarding process, monitor staff progress or needed for regulatory agencies, cloud-based, real-time data means reports can be run with just a few clicks by anyone at any time.
  5. More time for themselves
    Nursing shortages have left many nurses feeling overworked and overwhelmed. Since digitizing competencies allows for real-time updates, it eliminates the need to bring paperwork home at the end of the shift. Giving nurse educators better work/life balance while giving them more time for training and patients improves job satisfaction.
  6. Better manage version control
    The frustrations that come with version control from paper-based competencies are eliminated when orientation packets, skills check-offs, and annual modalities are managed digitally.

Make Onboarding and Nurse Training Better with Digitized Competency Plans

In an age when staff shortages, especially among nurses, are on the rise, obtaining and retaining talent is critical. Onboarding becomes significantly easier for all involved when competency plans are digitized. Request a 15-minute meeting with Dossier to learn more about our cloud-based competency management software and how it can help improve your onboarding and training process.

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