Why Healthcare Should Ban Competency Management Binders

Why Healthcare Should Ban the Binders on Competency Management

Authored By:

Geir Arnhoff, CEO of Dossier

Geir Arnhoff


Why Healthcare Should Ban Competency Management Binders

Healthcare providers spend considerable time trying to reduce variability in how healthcare is practiced. The goal is to improve the quality of care and patient outcomes. One area of opportunity lies in competency management and shifting to digital.

The challenge: How can healthcare workers successfully reduce variability when competency management continues to be a paper-based process with significant duplication, growing waste, and opportunities for error by way of missing or incomplete documentation? 

Healthcare workers are asked to raise the ‘quality’ bar but are not provided the tools they need to do so successfully. 

We at Dossier know the importance of digital transformation in healthcare. We’ve experienced the benefits of electronic medical records. However, digital tools that would help healthcare workers meet, if not exceed, their competency requirements are deprioritized, which is surprising because the return on such investments is immediate. 

Competency tracking is currently done on paper and housed in three-ring binders. Binders that are shoved in lockers or tote bags across facilities and taken home. This makes updates and reporting time-consuming, stressful, and error-prone – on the best days. There are countless opportunities for these critical documents to be lost, misplaced, or incomplete.

Digital Competency Management: An Immediate Return on Investment

The current process for competency management is a massive resource drain. Time, money, space, and, most important, talent are all wasted. With our competency management software, you can help your facility be as organized and productive as possible. 

Signs you need to go paperless:

  • Staff are frustrated.
  • Preceptors are wasting time that could be spent on training or with patients.
  • Leadership can’t access information in a timely manner.

It’s time to invest in digital tools that empower staff and enable them to work more efficiently. 

It’s time to ban the binders.

Benefits of Digital Competency Management

“We need things to get easier” is a comment we often hear from healthcare leadership and care team members. Going digital accomplishes that and so much more. Shifting from paper to a digital competency management platform:

  • Reduces the variability in the healthcare workforce
  • Helps teams deliver exceptional quality and outcomes
  • Provides reassurance when scheduling and assigning floating staff
  • Allows individuals to see what’s expected of them and self-manage their progress
  • Eliminates waste, including paper, binders, storage area
  • Eliminates duplication and streamlines paperwork – one system for all documentation and reporting
  • Minimizes errors because data is captured at the point of care electronically
  • Provides immediate access to real-time data from any device at any time
  • Helps manage those falling behind by way of in-system reminders 
  • Improves efficiencies because every person can see what’s expected of them, and sign-offs become easier and more timely

Going digital helps healthcare organizations and health systems improve their performance on the competency spectrum. Everyone improves when data is available in real-time and staff can immediately see when they are falling behind. 

If you’re ready to see what your team could be saving by choosing Dossier’s competency management software, give our Competency Calculator a try or book a 15-minute demo to see the platform in action.

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