How Digital Competencies Improve Staff Satisfaction

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Geir Arnhoff, CEO of Dossier

Geir Arnhoff


Healthcare organizations are adopting technologies to improve workflows, efficiency, and patient care, and staff are grateful. One area in need of digitization that would greatly benefit healthcare staff is competency management. Paper-based competency management is a drain on healthcare resources and is contributing to staff stress.

Addressing the Blind Spots in Competency Management

Did you know:

  • 20% of the knowledge required by healthcare workers is captured in learning management systems, BUT
  • 80% is captured on paper – skills, knowledge, judgment, and decision-making 

Paper-based competencies create blind spots, impede reporting, and increase the likelihood of errors by way of missing or incomplete documentation. 

Preceptors spend precious time chasing colleagues, binders, and paperwork trying to get an accurate view of progress. The problem is, paperwork is missing, checklist signoffs are incomplete, plans are outdated versions, and no one has the time to hunt down all of the documentation. 

Thankfully, there’s a better, more efficient, and more effective way to manage competencies that healthcare staff appreciate. 

We love Dossier. It has been a game-changer!

Melony Hosford, PharmD, MBA

Operations Manager, Pharmacy Department, Piedmont

A Digital Pathway to Improving Staff Satisfaction 

Digitizing competency management with Dossier benefits every team member, because it allows for:

  • Updates to competency plans in real time – no more using personal time to update paperwork; users get a big-picture view of progress; this real-time information exchange allows team members to better manage what’s expected of them

  • Better reporting and visibility of progress – real-time reporting for every individual, department, facility, and the whole health system means faster and more accurate data 
  • In-system reminders for those falling behind – no more chasing down colleagues
  • An expedited process for competency management – creation, updates, and assignment of competency plans to people, departments, facilities, or your entire health system can be performed within minutes when you go paperless; no more printing and chasing binders and updates that can take a week or more 

The benefits don’t end there. Going digital also helps healthcare workers: 

  • Get back to the work they love – investing in digital tools helps care teams work efficiently, allowing team members to create more time for patients, for training, or for themselves 
  • Simplify scheduling – those making schedules see learner progress which makes creating schedules a breeze 
  • Easily prepare for survey day – reporting to governing bodies becomes easier and less stressful because reports are fully customizable
  • Improve the patient experience – while digitizing competencies doesn’t directly impact patients, they do experience benefits such as:
  • Happier care team members
  • More time with those assigned to their care
  • More confident care team members
  • Better care delivery 

Staff Appreciate Digital Competency Management Tools

With all-in-one competency management tools, from Dossier, staff are empowered and in control of their learning. They see what is required of them at all times. Preceptors have an immediate view of progress. And leadership gains confidence in knowing there won’t be any surprises on survey day. 

Patients have high expectations when it comes to the level of care they receive. If staff are hurriedly moving about and seem rushed, patients view the interaction negatively. By helping care teams work more efficiently, staff free up time, and can better meet their patients’ needs. 

As healthcare workers continue to be overburdened and overwhelmed amid staffing shortages, equipping them with digital tools that improve efficiency and create more time in their day becomes increasingly important. Explore how Dossier can help your care team.

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